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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards TCG: Duel Power Box- 6 Rare Cards & Booster Pack, Multicolor

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  • 6 new Ultra rare variant art cards
  • 6 Duel power booster packs
  • Each with 5 Ultra rare cards per pack
  • New art versions of the main monsters from each yu-gi-oh!  Anime series (dark magician,  elemental hero neos,  Stardust Dragon,  number 39: Utopia,  odd-eyes pendulum Dragon, and decode Talker)
  • 1 gameboard
Duel power celebrates spring 2019 by rolling together a new 100-card Ultra rare booster set (including 40 brand-new cards) alongside new Ultra rare variant artwork of every yu-gi-oh!  Tv series ace monster (from dark magician to decode talker), and a new double-sided game board celebrating Yu-Gi-Oh! 'S history. Each box of duel power Contains 6 new duel power Booster packs with 5 Ultra rare cards per pack. Duel Power's booster set includes 40 new cards and 60 hot reprints, including the 4 Popular "discard" Effect monsters (from Ghost Ogre popular spells and traps like infinite impermanence, card of demise, and evenly matched; link monsters from borreload Dragon to trick Star Holly angel; and out-of-print cards like naturia beast, high priestess of prophecy, and 2015's "nekroz" Ritual monsters.
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