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Games Workshop: Warhammer 40,000: Psychic Awakening: Faith & Fury

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  • New campaign book with rules for space marines
  • A supplement book for Warhammer 40k
The seismic events of the Psychic Awakening continue to unfold in the second, unmissable book in the series – Faith & Fury. The campaign book kicks things off with a sweeping narrative recounting the tapestry of heroism and villainy woven around the worlds of the Talledus System. It then presents a host of new rules for the Space Marines – including a codex expansion’s worth of rules for the storied Black Templars Chapter – and loads of awesome new content for the story’s antagonists, the Heretic Astartes. Want rules for your Traitor Legion of choice? Well, Faith & Fury has got you covered!
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